Board of Trustees

     Trustees                                                        End of Terms

Mayor – Gabriele Cheatham                                           2018

Mayor Pro-Tem –  Mark Eckhardt                                   2020

Trustee – April Goldman                                                 2018

Trustee – Dean McAllister                                              2018

Trustee – Cindy Tapp                                                      2018

Trustee – Trevor Smith                                                   2018

Trustee –  Open                                                              2018


The Town Board of Trustees include a Mayor, and six board members. The Mayor Pro Tem is selected within the Board from its own membership in January of the following year after an election.

In most cases, a Board of Trustee is elected to serve a 2- 4 year term. However, if a board member is appointed to a vacant position, that member’s position serves until the January immediately following a regular municipal election.

Elections are held every even numbered year on the 1st Tuesday of November, and subsequently, the Mayor or Trustee takes office in January.

Qualifications to be a Mayor or Trustee is as follows:

a.) Is a citizen of the United States of America;

b.) Is a registered elector of the Town; and

c.) Is a resident of the Town for a period of no less than 12 consecutive months preceding the election.

d.) Has not been convicted of a felony.

e.) Is not an employee of the Town

f.) Is not a candidate for both Mayor and Trustee at the same election.