Parks & Recreation

Kiowa invites you to enjoy fun, family and friends gatherings as well as exercise in our two town parks.


Nordman park is a beautiful blue grass park with a tennis court and a preschool appropriate playground area. Enjoy the park and plan your activities but remember *there is no staking down tents, nets, etc. in the park* , this can damage the irrigation lines. This rule falls under MTC 10-101

Nordman park is located at 271 Navajo Street on the west end of Kiowa.

You may reserve Nordman park for your gatherings.

You will need to fill out the park-use app and put down a $25 deposit and pay the $25 use fee.

park-use app

Fawn Valley park is the newest park in Kiowa. This park is age appropriate for ALL ages. It has play equipment as well as specifically designed exercise equipment.

Fawn Valley park is located in the Fawn Valley housing area, located on the east side of town off of County Road 45 and Chippewa