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Colorado Cities & Towns Week
September 2015 The Town of Kiowa will be participating in Colorado Cities & Towns Week, Sept. 14–20, 2015, which highlights and celebrates the value of municipal government and acknowledges the employees and volunteers who make our community a great place to live, work, and play. Municipal government is the level of government closest to most citizens, and the one with the most direct daily impact upon its residents. Through Colorado Cities & Towns Week, municipalities from across the state will participate in activities to showcase and celebrate cities and towns and the many services they provide.
“We are very excited about the upcoming event.” said Town Administrator Michelle Oeser. “We look forward to connecting with citizens and celebrating the services that the town provides.”
Saturday September 19th, from 11am-1pm mingle with Town Board members, staff and community members. Join us for conversation, hotdogs, drinks and dessert at Nordman Park. Our Public works head will have town equipment on display, a Police vehicle and the Kiowa Fire Department will be showing off their trucks and equipment.
Options for a new town logo will be displayed. Vote for the logo you like the most.
Colorado Cities & Towns Week is sponsored by the Colorado Municipal League (CML), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in 1923 and represents the interests of 268 cities and towns.


The Elizabeth Networking Group is doing so much to help Kiowa continue with the Annual Lighting of the Lights.
If you would like to help PLEASE VISIT THEIR BUSINESSES and help build the donation fund, while enjoying their products and services.
There is also the option to drop a donation off to Town Hall and it will go directly to the Lighting of
the Lights.
Check out their facebook page for more information on the businesses involved with this group.
Thank you Elizabeth Networking Group for your generosity and devotion to Elizabeth, Kiowa and all of Elbert County!!

The Elizabeth Networking Group is dedicated to the wonderful LOCAL community members and business people in our Elizabeth, Colorado AREA. Meeting the needs of this community and supporting each other is the purpose, focus, goal and mission of this group.  We have members throughout all of Elbert County, nearby Douglas and Arapahoe Counties that are included in this group, donate to our causes, attend our events, support our businesses and uplift this community.  We invite and encourage those that don’t live in Elbert County to come visit our festivals and events, shop in our stores, eat at our restaurants and help boost our economy.  Our group is not just another Facebook page to advertise business.  It is a support group where we are actively engaged in improving livelihood, relationships, business, community and local economy.
We hold large networking events every other month.  The goals of these events are to bring awareness and dollars to the hosting location(s), promotion of our participating member businesses, networking/marketing of our member businesses, strengthening a community by creating relationships with our neighbors, and teaching networking skills.  You do not need to have or own a business to attend or be a member.  If you do have a business, we suggest you bring business cards for a “mix and mingle” style of networking.  If you do not have a business, we still invite you to join, come out and learn what wonderful products and services are available in our area, as well as create friendships with those you meet.  Everyone is invited!
Several months ago we started up something called a RAK ATTACK.  This stands for Random Act of Kindness.  We choose one public office per month (now changed to every other month).  I collect money from our members, anywhere from $1 and up.  The funds are used to purchase a cake from one of our member bakers.  Any money leftover after purchasing the cake, we donate to the public office to do with as they see fit.  We show up on a pre-arranged date and time, deliver the cake and the funds and offer our words of appreciation for all that they do for our community.  We also encourage our members to RAK ATTACK each other or any community members that they see are deserving of a Random Act of Kindness.
For the month of September, our ENG is collecting money to help the Town of Kiowa light a Christmas tree.  Our members recognize the need and want to do something to help.  My idea was to ask all of our business to “offer up any kind of a deal/incentive to all of the members that donate.”  So many have accepted the call.  I am creating a list of all of our donators (anywhere from $5 and up).  At the end of September, I will give this list to those member businesses that are “rewarding” our donators, and then-during the entire month of October, our donators can make discounted purchases from these businesses.  These businesses are offering the discounts out of the kindness of their hearts, because they believe in what we are all about…Local Community Support.  Our donators are sending me money out of the kindness of their hearts, because they believe in what we are all about…Local Community Support.  Our goal is to raise at least $3,500 to hand over to the Town of Kiowa on 1 October.  
If anyone would like more info, or wants to join our group, the Facebook page is and my email address is 


The Town of Kiowa has updated to the 2012 Building Code regulations

Kiowa Board of Trustees meet the second Tuesday of the month.  7:00pm, Town Hall

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The next Kiowa Water and Waste Water Authority meeting will be on

September 16, 2015 -6:00pm

October 16, 2015 – 6:00pm

Please see calendar for meeting dates, events, office closures and local activities


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